You’re On Your Own


YOYO means “You’re On Your Own”. It is a term used by survivalists, and others to mean that you are your own last resort. Hurricane Katrina should have drove this point home to everyone (especially all Americans).
Terrorism, natural disasters, automobile accidents, government tyranny and many other factors in our world today can force any one of us into self-reliance.

I will fill this blog, as my time permits, with tips and information on how to survive disasters, calamities, etc. Most information will be what I glean off the internet and other sources. I will always give accreditation when it is available, but if you see something of your original work and I have not accredited you or you want it removed, just let me know.

I am by no means an expert on this topic, but it is an interest of mine and I appreciate feedback, opinions and suggestions from any and all visitors. I only ask that you be polite, as I have forewarned that I do not claim expertise.


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