You’re On Your Own

Vehicle Emergency Kit

 This kit is designed for your vehicles preparedness. You should also have a survival kit in your vehicle for your own preparedness.

How many times have you seen a news story about people being missing for days, only to find out later that they were stranded in their vehicle? You never know when an emergency will strike, or where you will be. Make sure that your vehicle is as prepared as you are by equipping it with some emergency supplies.

1 – Vehicle jack and lug wrench that fits your lug nuts (Don’t assume that this is in your vehicle or that it fits your vehicle, test it out BEFORE you need it!)

1 – Spare tire (If your vehicle has a “donut-tire”, replace it with a full sized tire. Do you really want to drive on a donut during an emergency?)

1 – Set of jumper cables – for added personal safety, try one of these or better yet, also consider investing the money for a product like this.

1 – Hand-crank cell phone charger – with one of these devices you can keep your cell phone working indefinitely regardless of where you are, a link is provided here,  or better yet try get a product like this, it can charge your cell phone and a whole lot more.

1 – Gas can (2-5 gallon capacity)

1 – Siphon hose or hand-powered siphon pump

1 – Set of vehicle fuses

1 – LED flashlight – LED flashlights are 70% more efficient than their dinosaur ancestors with bulbs, also LED’s are generally not damaged if they are dropped or banged around 

1 – Gallon of water for radiator or windshield wipers

1 – Tow rope (Resist the urge to use a basic nylon rope, buy a product that is specifically made for towing and make sure that its strength is rated to a capacity to tow your vehicles weight.)


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